Blog of saxophonist Tanique Fossa
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Tanique Fossa was born in Ukraines capital, Kiev, where she has mainly resided. In her childhood years she studied and completed piano class at the State music school (1988-1995). Several years after this she made the decision that her true passions and dreams lay with playing the saxophone. So she enrolled and completed a saxophone class in the music school in Kiev and also the Brass Orchestra of National Aviation University in Kiev (2000-2001). It was here that she got her first stage experience. She has proceeded with private lessons and self-education during the last couple of years under Ukranian saxplayer Evgeniy Davidenko and german saxplayer Arno Haas.

In 2003-2004 she started to play with some cover-bands – “Bagira-band”, «Chill-out», “Benzin”, during 2006-2007 there were «Insight»(cover-band), African Project, in 2010 – Richmond Funky Band.

Currently she is travelling all over the Ukraine, as well as performing in England, Turkey, Moldova, Romania, etc. One of her current projects is «JazzMePlease» –  a girls jazz trio –  a good combination of sound and image. She has taken part in many Dj-projects (South House, Green Salad (Annush), Sax&Sex, Aura-lounge) in the last couple of years, playing with many different Djs.

She can be found performing in some of the best Ukranian concert-halls, like Byblos, Premier Palace, Aura Lounge, Decadance House, Cristal Hall, Barsky Night Club, D-Lux, Hayat Hotel etc. She is often invited to play on such events as Beauty Contests, Fashion Weeks, private VIP-parties, etc. She is currently working in cooperation with composer Ivan Litvinov and Anton Magursky on their own music material.

Tanique Fossa is very proud of being endorser of one of the best saxophone mouthpieces brand – Jody Jazz. She is playing P. Mauriat saxophone – Black Pearl Custom.