Blog of saxophonist Tanique Fossa
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Technical Rider:

  • Sound system. Its characteristics on discretion of Client (in terms of power, and quality).    It is advisable to provide MINIMUM  2-channel active acoustic system 500w each.
  • 2 channels in Mixer
  • Cables: XLR, Jack – mini Jack
  • Effect Processor (Reverb\Hall)
  • 2 monitors  in case of big stage
  • Laptop
  • Staff: Sound-engineer, available for 30 mins during sound check and all the time during performance

Hospitality Rider:

  • 1 (one) Economy Roundtrip Airline Ticket (non-stops preferred . Flights time and Itinerary MUST be approved by Artist)
  • All Ground Transportation (comfortable car)from time of arrival to departure.
  • 1 (one)Single- room,  not less than 3 star Hotel.
  • All meals during period of stay/drinks,snacks,fruits in green-room during performance time.
  • All necessary work, travel, and entrance Visas and/or permits.
  • Please ensure at all times that the stage, and mix position are secure. Security guard for artist if needed .
  • ARTIST area must not be accessible to the general public from the front, sides, and especially from behind
  • During the entire span of the artist’s performance, there will be no persons on stage or in performance area   besides authorized staff­ or artist’s representatives/friends.
  • Green Room should be provided with 3 chairs,  makeup table, big mirror with adequate illumination. Green room should be labeled «Tanique Fossa».
  • Artist should be provided with Event Timetable before Event starts.  In case of any changing Artist must be notified in advance.
  • There should not be cigarette smoke in green room area